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  • Delta has Risen
  • The Council Meeting


           "DBD Gaming is reborn. It has been awhile since we have truly been an active community. We are going back to the days of when DBD was brand new. Starting from scratch. Very little to work with. Values of nothing but family friends, and fun. That is what we are, and will always be about. DBD is a gaming community that is different from the rest. We may not ever be the biggest, or the most skilled, but we will most certainly work incredibly hard to make it the friendliest and happiest. We are taking place on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and we are taking place on The Master Chief Collection.  DBD will enter a new era; a better era. Join us in our push to become the friendliest and best community in the gaming world!!"

-DBD Doomlord 7                         

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