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DBD Monkeyman 7

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DBD SirClyde 7


           "We cannot deny that DBD is a different community then it was when it was first created. Our issues have come and gone. We are now beginning to once again, move forward. We are moving into multiple new Frontiers of the gaming world. We of course still welcome all people who play Halo 4. If you're interested, we will bring you in. If you play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 you will have a home here filled with many fun people. If TitanFall is what piques your interest, on either Xbox One or the Xbox 360, you will be welcomed with open arms. Of course, you could also join in to our most recent expansion, Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Playstation 4. As you can see, DBD has a home for many different types of gamers. We will welcome mostly all gamers, so long as they are respectful and want to have fun. Join DBD, meet new people, make new friends, and most importantly, Have fun!!"

-DBD Doomlord 7                                 


Whats In The News

Check It Out - 8/17:

  • TF Plans for the Future
  • GM News
  • The GP Focus


          In this next week to come, DBD's website will be getting a makeover. Monkey man and myself will be changing the site up a little bit. I will be adding some new things perhaps. He will be doing a new banner and helping me reformat. This is to celebrate the birthday of DBD. Considering the different consoles it would be nearly impossible to do what we've done in the past so I figured that this would be a decent substitute. On August 20th, will be DBD's fourth birthday. Next week I will re-explain the creation of DBD, and how it was made. Hard to believe its been so long.

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